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Corporate Sleep Sciences

Comfort World International – Bringing You World Class Luxury Mattresses Backed By Research And Technology

A good night’s sleep is a key element for good mental and physical health. Research carried out around the world has proven that sleep offers an array Of health benefits, such as improving concentration, enhancing overall productivity, maximizing athletic performance and also mitigating the risk Of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Your emotional intelligence and immune system will also improve if you prioritize getting an effective eight hours of sleep every night. Modern lifestyles, stress and the proliferation of technology have people sleeping far less today than they were a century ago. This has caused corporations around the world to pursue the development of sleep aid technologies.

We at Comfort World have identified the role played by the sleep surface towards achieving an effective night’s sleep and have over the years through freely available research and research done at our own facilities perfected the art of manufacturing mattresses. Our mattresses are much more that spring structures and foam layers held together by a cloth encasing. On the contrary the company is the first to engage sophisticated technology in Sri Lanka to the manufacturing process of this very important, highly underrated piece of furniture.

Comfort World Chairman Naushad Mohideen himself gets personally involved to ensure that the products offered are of the highest quality and are nothing short of the best. Our mattresses that have been crafted using sophisticated technology are thoughtfully engineered masterpieces tailored to enhance its users overall well-being.

In recent years a great deal of research has been done on the relationship between effective sleep and the sleeping environment. People should stop taking quality sleep for granted, and be more critical about the construction of their mattresses. Comfort World will continue to advocate for a good night’s sleep and its importance and will also continue to craft unparalleled sleep surfaces in Sri Lanka, through research, technology and innovation.

A mattress from Comfort World is guaranteed to impart a total sense of well-being.