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Bed Bugs : How Can You Shield Your Bed From It ?

Bed bugs are small brownish insects that survive on the blood of animals or humans and swell into creatures and turn into a reddish color as they grow. These insects which are very difficult to be noticed to the naked eye can be found virtually anywhere, including homes, offices, hotels, and hospitals. An infestation i...
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Lifestyle Tips

A Good Night’s Sleep Is Key To Success

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” -Benjamin Franklin This quote by a Founding Father of the United States delivers a very concise and clear message; one that is used in almost every household. However, in recent times the community at large has failed to execute its te...
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Health and Wellbeing Lifestyle Tips

The Art of Sleeping in Comfort

Comfort World International is a well-established family company with a long and illustrious past, which is a key factor in the product’s integrity, which is designed to international standards. All Comfort World products are made with the highest quality materials, and expert craftsmanship to ensure that custome...